K9 Nose Work® Success Stories

Thank you for such a wonderful Introduction to Nose Work class! Hugo and I are having so much fun learning something new, it is really making both of us so happy. We can't wait to keep learning from you and to have more fun in the next class - we just signed up!Dani + HugoThank you for everything!

-Dani & Hugo

"Thanks, Linda! Your Nose Work instruction changed our life with Nora for the better. She's a happier, calmer, more confident dog! We are better humans for her now that we know a new way to have fun and challenge our smart girl.Elena and Nora



Orion Nose Work TestimonialI've always envied those who compete in Rally-Obedience, Agility or Herding trials with their dogs. But my dog, Orion, is very reactive to other dogs. My hopes of being able to work side by side and compete together were completely dashed until I found Nose Work. After a couple of classes, it was very clear that Orion enjoyed himself very much. I felt relieved that there were other ways to challenge him and tire him out without the typical walk outside as well. Much to my surprise, I also found that Nose Work, along with some supplemental training, has helped Orion change for the better. Orion is a lot calmer at home, more confident, and though he is still reactive to dogs, his adrenaline level no longer spiked as high when he saw other dogs, and it is now a lot easier to calm him down after an outburst. We are definitely sticking with Nose Work for the long run!


We greatly appreciated participating in Linda Fletcher's K-9 nose work class. With a baby on the way I wanted to do something with my dog Luke, that might be fun for the two of us to do together.IMG_2037 (2)

What I didn't expect was how truly wonderful, knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging the instructor – Linda – would be. And how enjoyable the experience would be. I learned so much about my dog and how to more finely observe him and interpret his actions.

He had a blast! This is an activity we can and will do at home for years to come -- in order to provide him an outlet for mental stimulation and fun! I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to give Luke this gift of fun K-9 nose work!


I'm so excited that Linda is teaching Nose Work classes! Linda is a wonderful person and a highly motivated and knowledgeable trainer.  Her expertise stems from her extensive education (Academy for Dog Behavior graduate and soon-to-be NACSW graduate!) as well as experience in both competing (with her award-winning dog) and assisting in the field of Nose Work. We are so fortunate to have such a qualified trainer in the South Bay and Peninsula Area!


I have two dogs: Hobee, an older yellow lab, and Emmett, and older Basset Hound. emmetWith Nose Work, older dogs get turned back into younger dogs. They have so much fun, and it's wonderful to be able to do that together and be part of their joy. It’s a great class for reactive dogs too. And you don't have to be an athlete to participate!


Having a reactive dog is lonely and isolating. It can be difficult to take a reactive dog out in public, which makes them hard to entertain. The K9 Nose Work community has given me a dog-centered aspect to my social life that was missing since I've had my reactive dog Tigger. Everyone is so supportive. I don't feel so alone.

Nose work is a safe activity that Tigger loves and tires him out. It is also stress-free for me. Many activities get my dog over-amped but nose work keeps him at the perfect energy level: engaged but not hyper. Before we did scent detection work, Tigger spent his walks looking around for things to have melt-downs over. He never stopped swiveling his head. His eyes were darting everywhere. A few weeks after we started nose work, he discovered that it was interesting to sniff the ground. When he's sniffing the ground, he's relaxed and happy, and not looking for trouble. It's awesome.

Linda ,

Bodie doing K9 Nose Work in Palo AltoCanine nose work gives me something to do with my dog Bodie that's more interesting than playing fetch or walking on the sidewalk. I've learned a ton about reading Bodie and what she's doing, because I have to pay attention to when she's searching, whether she's ‘on odor,’ or if she's just checking out the environment. I've learned so much about reading all dogs' body language. One other advantage of this sport is that it’s a great way to meet and socialize with people who care about their dogs. Nose work people are good people. This is a fascinating field to learn more about, what professional detection dogs are trained to find, how their training is the same/different from sport detection. I love watching any dog search, it always makes me smile.


I learned so much about dogs through doing nose work with my Aussie, Rose. It helped Rose get confidence to work through environments and people and be a little less reactive to people. Rose can now work in a closed environment with people watching, something she couldn't do before nose work. She has an activity she can do in a safe environment, something she can't do anywhere else due to her issues. She gets to play and loves the stimulation, which she can’t get elsewhere due to her issues. In fact, Rose now gets depressed when she doesn't get to do nose work.


Prongo works as a disaster dog, and doing Nose Work during deployments gives him stress relief. Nose work also helped Prongo recover from 2 knee surgeries. Pongo the Fire dog resized

Toby, a German Shepherd, loves Nose Work because it gives him a job, and he's the kind of dog that needs a job. The activities are a great way to channel Toby's tremendous drive, and also help him get used to new environments (something he’s had issues with). Another bonus is that I’ve learned so much about the German Shepherd breed and about dog training.

I enjoy competing with Toby and with Prongo.


Kiva loves Nose WorkMy dog Kiva is older and needed something to do after knee surgeries. I started nose work for fun because it was something Kiva could physically do. I love how nose work is a natural process, a sport that lets Kiva be herself. Doing nose work with Kiva brings me laughter and joy as I watch Kiva's joy at ‘being herself.’ It's built such a strong bond between us and I've learned so much about dog behavior as well.


It's been a godsend for my reactive cattle dog, who had been kicked out of Agility. Words just don’t convey the relief and joy I feel. This dog loves to search and the activities are great for his prodigious energy. I also have a Chihuahua I do nose work with and he loves to go to work too. When I put on my “nose work shoes,” both dogs go nuts with anticipation. It’s given me a greater bond with both dogs.


Nose work brought me closer to Skye, a herding dog. I did herding, breed ring, and rally, but none of them made me bond with Skye like nose work. I learned so much about my dog from watching him work and from what he taught me about himself in the course of the activities.