Nose Work

Put Your Dog's Nose to Work

For A Lifetime Of Fun With A Calm And Happy Dog

Learn the sport of K9 Nose Work® around Palo Alto, California

At Palo Alto Dog Training, you’ll learn a whole new way to exercise your dog’s mind, so you can enjoy a calmer, happier and more confident canine companion. The K9 Nose Work® methods enable any dog to succeed, and you can play search and scenting games just about anywhere. Learn more and find out why so many people and dogs love Nose Work.

Any Dog Can

Palo Alto Dog Training
  • Dogs with no obedience training
  • Rambunctious puppies
  • Active adolescents
  • Reactive dogs
  • Timid dogs
  • Older dogs with disabilities

Play Anywhere

Palo Alto Dog Training
  • Inside your house
  • Around your yard
  • Around vehicles
  • In a park
  • In a competition
  • When you travel with your dog

Play Anytime

Palo Alto Dog Training
  • In good weather
  • In stormy weather
  • When you’re too tired to go out
  • When you’re disabled
  • When your dog is injured
  • When your dog is recovering from surgery
  • On vacation

Why Us?

Why us, Palo Alto Dog Training
  • Certified Nose Work Instructor
  • Trained by the founders of the sport
  • The latest teaching techniques
  • Proud winner of nose work competitions
  • Dedicated to your dog’s success
  • Preparation for competition -- or just for fun

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