Linda Fletcher

Linda Fletcher

Linda Fletcher, Certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor

Linda Fletcher is a certified professional dog trainer and one of the few Certified Nose Work Instructors in the San Francisco Peninsula. She is committed to positive, rewards-based training as the most effective and humane way to produce good behavior and a happy and confident dog.

Linda received her Certificate in Canine Assessment and Handling from Trish King’s Academy of Dog Behavior, and is a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) through the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW). She has been an active participant in the K9 Nose Work® sport since the very first classes were offered locally in 2011.

Linda was also a contributing writer, and proof-reader, for the newest version of the Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) Manual.

Linda continues to learn from the founders sport, and from top detection dog trainers, in advanced seminars and workshops, and the annual K9 Nose Work Camp, which consists of 5 days of seminars and intensive hands-on handler training. Linda has a Bachelor of Science degree from San Jose State University and continues her education in dog behavior and ethology by taking seminars and reading extensively. It’s her goal to offer clients the very latest techniques in training for calm, happy and healthy dogs.

Lessons Learned from Raising Dogs

Linda believes her best teachers have been her own dogs, especially her American Field Labrador, Tigger. Because of anesthesia-gone-wrong, the executive function of Tigger’s brain was damaged, leaving him with sensory overload and little ability to control his impulses, emotions, arousal level or frustration. The process of treating and training Tigger has given Linda first-hand empathy for the owners of challenged dogs and a deep knowledge of the calming tools and options available to help you transform a troubled canine into a rewarding companion.

Her journey to calm Tigger’s emotional life led Linda to discover the power of scent recognition activities. While she found some relief for Tigger from Agility, herbal supplements, Tellington Touch, veterinary behaviorists, and numerous calming techniques and behavior modification protocols, K9 Nose Work provided a true focus for his distracted brain.

Competition Achievements


In October 2012, Linda and Tigger entered their first NW1 Trial. They earned their NW1 Title, First Place in Vehicles, Second Place in Containers, and Tigger won the coveted Harry Award, which used to be “given to the most outstanding rescue dog that demonstrates extraordinary ability and spirit in nose work at the NW1 level.” (The Harry Award was discontinued in 2020.)

In July 2021, Linda entered Chili in her first NW1 Trial. They earned their NW1 Title, with First Place ribbons in Interiors and Containers.


In February 2014, Linda and Tigger earned their NW2 Title on their first try, winning Second Place in Vehicles and Third Place Overall.

In October 2021, Linda and Chili earned their NW2 Title on their first try, winning Third Place both in Interiors and Overall.


Three NW3 Titles are required to earn NW3-Elite. It is extremely unusual to Title at every single NW3 Trial entered (average is eight attempts to reach all three Titles), but Linda has now done that twice in a row!

Linda and Tigger Titled in every NW3 they entered, and in February 2016, they earned their third and final NW3 Title plus NW3-Elite (and all four Element Ribbons), with a Third Place finish Overall.

Linda and Chili Titled in every NW3 they entered: December 2021, February 2022 — and in March 2022, earned their final NW3 Title plus NW3-Elite (plus all four Element Ribbons), with Third Place in Containers, Fifth Place in Vehicles, and a Fourth Place finish Overall.


Linda and Tigger participated in several Elite Trials, earning high placements of First and Second place Overall, in addition to several placement ribbons for individual searches. They earned their ELT-1, ELT-2, and ELT-3 Titles before Tigger passed away in December 2019, less than 70 points away from ELT-CH.


Linda and Tigger competed in two Summit Trials, earning a Second place ribbon for one of the searches.

Element Specialty Trials

Linda and Tigger snagged several Element Specialty Titles:

  • Level 1 Containers, Exteriors, Interiors, and Vehicles (Third Place);
  • Level 2 Containers (First Place), Interiors (First Place), and Vehicles (Third Place); and
  • Level 3 Containers.

Linda and Chili have earned some Element Specialty Titles as well:

  • Level 1 Exteriors and Interiors
  • Level 2 Exteriors and Interiors (Fifth Place)


Linda and Chili earned their Novice Title on March 20, 2021. On their way to the Title, they earned one High in Trial, and several placement ribbons for individual searches.

Linda and Chili earned their Advanced Title on Halloween, 2021. On their way to the Title, they earned one High in Trial, and several placement ribbons for individual searches.


Contact Linda today to sign up for K9 Nose Work classes or discuss upcoming trials.