Introduction to Nose Work

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Introduction to Nose Work

From the first class of Introduction to Nose Work, your dog will enjoy success in nose work with exercises set up to motivate her to find a treat or toy. Using reward-based training, your dog will learn to focus on finding her toy or treats located throughout the training room, in spite of distractions. In addition, by carefully observing our dogs, you’ll learn how scent travels through the room.

Prerequisites: Your dog must be able to stay in a crate or your car without you, for parts of each class. No other obedience or specialized training of any kind is required to get started.

Equipment: Leash attached to a flat collar or back-clip harness. Excellent treats. If you think your dog may be more toy than food motivated, bring some extra special toys as well. Please provide your own crate, or the necessary equipment to keep your dog safe, cool, and secure in your car.

Locations: Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto. Pet Food Express in Mountain View, San Jose, and Palo Alto. Pet Food Express offers an exciting variety of fun, interesting searches, and is a wonderful opportunity for dogs to learn focus, with distracting pet products nearby. Cubberley Community Center's classroom is a quiet environment: an ideal location to start learning this fun and challenging new game. If you have any questions, contact us, or drop by during class to observe.

Class Start Date

Wednesday 3/28/2018, 5:15PM - 6:15PM, 6 sessions. Maximum 4 dogs per class, minimum 3 dogs. Pet Food Express, Mountain View. $165 per dog. Instructor: Linda Fletcher.  Sign up today!

This class takes place in a pet food store that is open to the public. While there is no dog-to-dog direct contact curing a Nose Work class, many other dogs will have been in the area. Please discuss with your vet whether your dog should be vaccinated for the recent dog-flu outbreak.

Don't see a location or time that works for you?

We would love to have you and your dog in our Nose Work classes. To hear about future classes, join our wait list. The most requested class levels, times, and locations will be added first.

Notice about weekend classes: Between continuing education and Nose Work Trials, we participate in many weekend Nose Work events. We may cancel weekend class sessions occasionally to attend. We will always give you as much prior notice as possible, and will always make up the class session, so that you will be offered a full 6-session class.