Nose Work Events

New Years Eve Sniff N Go, Palo Alto, December 31, 2019

Nose Work Events

It is so hard to find new indoor places to practice Containers! This is a great opportunity to expose you and your dog to a new location and new people, and somewhat Trial-like conditions. Come join us for our Sniff N Go Nose Work Event!


Cubberley Community Center, Room H-6, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto.


Tuesday, December 31, 2019: New Years Eve. We will begin the first search at roughly 9:00AM for ORT/NW1, and probably sometime between Noon and 2:00PM for NW2/NW3. We will provide start-times for each Level after we receive entrant information and numbers of handler/dog teams wishing to participate.

Search Areas:

All Containers searches will be indoors, inside Room H-6. The floor is linoleum. The Containers searches will either be separated by covered xpens, or by another barrier. At NW2/NW3, the Exteriors search will be on concrete. Only one dog will be inside the room at any time. There will be no walk-through. Your search(es) will be timed but not videoed. If you would like to have video, bring your own video device. It is possible we'll have a volunteer available to film, but if you want to be sure, please provide a person to video your searches.


Each ORT/NW1 entry will allow you to do 3 Containers searches. You will run all 3 searches in a row, and when you are done, you are free to leave.

Each NW2/NW3 entry will allow you to do 2 Containers searches and one Exteriors search. You will run all 3 searches in a row, and when you are done, you are free to leave.

The ORT searches will be one each of Birch, Anise, and Clove. NW1, NW2, and NW3 searches may be Birch, Anise, Clove, or any combo of those. We will start with 3 ORT Containers searches, re-set for 3 NW1 Containers searches, re-set for 2 NW2 Containers searches and 1 NW2 Exteriors search, and finally re-set for 2 NW3 Containers searches and 1 NW3 Exteriors search. "Hot Container" locations will not change, but as we go from NW1 to NW2 and then NW3, new "Hot Containers" may be added to the existing ones.

Multiple dogs:

You are welcome to sign up more than once if you wish to run multiple dogs, but as noted above, "Hot Containers" and hide locations will not change, so it will only be "blind" to you if you can manage to forget the answers, between your searches.

Location issues:

This is an active Community Center with many non-dog events happening daily. There are artist studios, dance studios, day care centers, day camps, youth educational centers, and other activities. There may be kids running around, and/or groups of people milling about. Cubberley is a large campus, and if you have not been there before, allow lots of extra time to get lost before finding the correct room.

Dog Management:

Your dog must be on a 6' or shorter leash at all times according to Palo Alto law (except while safely contained inside your vehicle). In addition, please be respectful and pick up all of your dog's "output" and deposit in one of the many outdoor garbage cans available. "Red Bandanna Dogs" need extra space from other dogs. Please leave as much space as possible between your dog, and any dog wearing a red bandanna. If you have a Red Bandanna dog, remember that the general public will not know what that means.

Parking Details:

We will not have volunteers available to help you park in this sprawling campus. You will be parking mixed in with the general public. If it is busy that day, you may have a long walk from your vehicle to Room H-6. There are 2 handicap parking spaces right in front of Room H-6; they are only available to those with legal signage on their cars. There is no reactive dog parking. There is no room to erect pop-ups that take up more than just your own parking space, and not many shady places. Bring plenty of shade cloths, and water for your dog. There is no RV parking.

Food and Drink:

We will not be providing you with food or drinks (unless you volunteer) but if you don't want to pack a lunch, you will be within easy walking distance of a small shopping center that contains a Peet's Coffee, a Piazza's grocery store with deli, a sandwich shop, a pizza place, a wraps place, and Rick's Rather Rich Home-Made Ice Cream. There is also a Pet Food Express for last-minute dog supplies.

Off-Leash Entertainment:

There is a fully-enclosed off-leash dog park a short drive away, at Mitchell Park, 600 East Meadow Drive, Palo Alto.


Refunds, less a $15 processing fee, will be issued if we receive your request on or before December 11, 2019. No refunds for requests received after December 11, 2019, no exceptions.

Wait List:

We often get cancellations, sometimes even at the last minute. If it is full, please join the Sniff N Go wait list here.


If you have any questions, contact us.