Dave Ellison

Dave Ellison

Dave Ellison, Certified Nose Work® Instructor, NASCW® Judge

Dave Ellison is a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI), and a Judge for NACSW competitions. He has studied dog behavior in Trish King's Academy of Dog Behavior, and is committed to positive, rewards-based training as the most effective and humane way to produce good behavior and a happy and confident dog.

Dave has been an active participant in the K9 Nose Work® sport since the very first classes were offered locally in 2011. In working toward his certification, Dave has taken over 25 seminars and handler workshops from the founders of the K9 Nose Work sport and from top instructors in the professional detection dog field. He continues to learn from the founders of the sport, and from top detection dog trainers, in advanced seminars and workshops.

Dave and his Labrador mix, Java, attend the annual K9 Nose Work Camp, which consists of 5 days of seminars and intensive handler training from some of the top sport and professional detection dog trainers in the country. Additionally, for two years he assisted our certified trainer, Linda Fletcher, in training Nose Work classes. Dave is a frequent Nose Work® Trial volunteer, and participates in many local Nose Work events.

Dave has a Bachelor of Science degree from Cal Tech University, and Master of Science from Santa Clara University, and continues his education in dog behavior and ethology by taking seminars and reading extensively. It’s his goal to offer clients the very latest techniques in training for calm, happy and healthy dogs.

Competition Achievements


In October 2012, Dave and Bodie entered their first NW1 Trial. They earned their NW1 Title, Second Place Overall, First Place in Exteriors, and Second Place in Interiors.

In November 2022, Dave and Java earned their NW1 Title on their first try.


Dave and Bodie earned their NW2 Title on their first try, winning First Place in Interiors, Second Place in Exteriors, and Fifth Place Overall.

In February 2023, Dave and Java earned their NW2 Title, earning First Place in Exteriors, Second Place in Containers, and Second Place Overall.


Three NW3 Titles are required to earn NW3-Elite. In April 2016, they took Second Place Overall, and earned a Pronounced for Excellence. In June 2016, they earned their third NW3 Title and NW3-Elite. Dave and Bodie achieved NW3-Elite in just four Trials (average is eight attempts to reach all three Titles).

Dave and Java earned their first NW3 in December 2023, coming in first place in Interiors, third place in Vehicles, and second place overall. They earned their second NW3 Title in April 2024, coming in fourth place overall. In May 2024 they earned their third NW3 Title and NW3-Elite, coming in 4th place in Exteriors and 2nd place overall.


Dave and Bodie have participated in several Elite Trials, with high Trial placements of Third and Fourth Place Overall, as well as many individual search placement ribbons. They have earned their ELT-1, ELT-2, ELT-3, and ELT-CH (Champion) Titles.


Dave and Bodie competed in three Summit Trials, earning placement ribbons for several searches. In March 2019, they earned a coveted SMT Title, two days after Bodie’s 14th birthday.

Element Specialty Trials

Dave and Bodie also snagged several Element Specialty Titles:

  • Level 1 Containers, Exteriors (Second Place), Interiors (Fourth Place), and Vehicles (First Place)
  • Level 2 Containers (Third Place), Interiors (First Place), and Vehicles (Second Place)
  • Level 3 Containers and Interiors.

Dave and Java have also earned some Element Specialty Titles.

  • Level 1 Containers (Third Place), Exteriors, Interiors (First Place), and Vehicles.
  • Level 2 Interiors (Second Place).


Contact Dave today to sign up for K9 Nose Work classes or discuss upcoming trials.