Nora: A Wagaroo Wag Story

Today we’re delighted to have a post from guest blogger Elena Battles. Much thanks to Elena for letting us share Nora’s adoption story, originally published on Wagaroo’s blog. We love having Elena and Nora in our Nose Work classes, and we love this story, explaining how Nora came to be part of Elena’s family. Enjoy!

Nora: A Wagaroo Wag Story

–by Elena Battles, Founder & CEO of Wagaroo

“I think I just met your new dog.”

This was the beginning. A sweet email from my friend, Stephanie, who is officially the Vice President of Development at Humane Society Silicon Valley and unofficially one of the best people-dog matchmakers I know.  Stephanie knew my family was hurting after our recent goodbye to our beloved wonderbeagle, Trini. Steph also remembered that some time back, my husband and I expressed interest in Germans Shepherds since we both had shepherds as family pets.

Nora: A Wagaroo Wag Story
Baby me thinks dogs are so funny

Nora, the email went on, was a 9-month-old shepherd. Loves cats. (We have one. Ornery.) Loves kids. (We have two. Chaos.). Loves other dogs. (Social pup is a must for us.) The trifecta. Naturally, I said no. Looking back, it wasn’t no to Nora. It was no to entertaining the idea of another dog in our home and heart so soon after losing Trini. It was no to the idea that we could make a good decision about the right dog for our family so soon after losing Trini. It was just no.

Smash cut to eight days later. I took the kids to Humane Society Silicon Valley Animal Community Center to donate Trini’s beds, toys, and other goodies. Stephanie was there and so was Nora since her foster mom works in the HSSV Medical Center. “Just meet her,” Stephanie said. So we did.

And Nora did. Love kids. Not like kids. Not tolerate them. Loooooove them. As in snuggling up, hug-seeking, leaning-in-for-more love them.

The kids didn’t. It turns out big puppies full of love like to jump and slurp your face. This was a bit much compared to their last experience with a gentle, short-legged senior beagle. My guys knew what they wanted: “A Chihuahua that dances on its back legs and jumps up and down!” Dancing Chihuahuas are cute. I’ll give them that. My instinct told me that over a lifetime, Nora’s playfulness, size, people-focus, intelligence, and sugary sweetness would be just the best buddy my boys want.

After a full family meet-and-greet, Nora came home with us. She bonded so quickly to us. This girl made us her pack straight away. And the kids? They’re sold. The “snuggling up, hug-seeking, leaning in for more love” is mutual. “I love you, Nora.” “Nora, you’re my best friend.” “Nora likes it when I squeeze her.” (Author’s note: Yes, we’re working on that one). We hear each of these in our house every day.

Nora: A Wagaroo Wag Story
Our first family photo with Nora + Amelia, Nora’s amazing, lifesaving, all-around wonderful foster mama. We love you, Amelia!

So that’s our Wag Story. The last 5 months with a puppy have been fun, restorative, and totally wild. I’d forgotten about young dog energy! Nora has renewed our ability to visit dog parks and explore fun team activities like nose work. I’ll continue to share our adventures with you here and you’ll continue to see Nora pop up on our Wagaroo Facebook and Instagram (#norastories) feeds. She’s too cute not to share!

Nora: A Wagaroo Wag Story
Nora on adventure in Tiberon

Copyright 2015 by Elena Battles